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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Anna***half, breakfast table


A very rich story stringing past lives of women together through a character call Anna. Anna lives in a cave with her German father. German father is a know-it-all kind man, tired of the worldly life. He taught Anna everything without putting her in a normal public school. Anna was home schooled. Charlotte Rampling plays a patron character who takes all these various young free spirited people and house them in a huge abandonned squat like place. The outside of the building has massive thick griffiti all over. Inside is a hippy squat ambiance. Women are "whores" and men "rapists". Here Anna finds a soul mate, and began her journey going back into many past lives, many lives of women, mother, goddess, priestess. The last round was being waitress at a fancy hotel. She was waitress to bring up a dinner for a special very private person. This person is responsible for war etc. He has a guard at the door. The guard searches the waitress, shes sexy. They did a sexy play, she sucked on a huge asparagus on one end to titilate the guard and the guard sucked on the other end. When she brings the plate to the man, he ate half and forks the other half offers to her, saying, he sucked the other half, she could eat it. The dialogue is quite smart. So finally she gets to his room, puts her butt on his face... and, surprise, she makes ca ca on his face!! Very gd turn of the story, then he bashes her, tries to punish her. She escapes. Finally over with this last life? She could be herself finally?

The last scene was the best, the others are fine, but all déjà vue, and quite inconvincing the sophistication Anna handles the insertion from cave to society. Anyway, this is similar in plot construction as in Hannah(see - protected girl enters society and has to adapt and fight off all the dangers in the world. Here the story has multiple lines of political content, and history of women, injustice, a much heavier bag.

Breakfast table album, cont'd

kimchi, lotus root chestnut (ling-jiao) w two bull horns, soft sticky type corn, large pomelo, smoke dried longan infusion

Thursday, 27 October 2011

tekkon kinkreet 惡童當街 ***half,

惡童當街 DVD ( tekkon kinkreet,
Studio 4°C (animation studio)) 松本大洋 ***half

Story very comic book, dramatic, good bad, black and white. Story line is very very clear. Details to the movie is very good. Very beautiful cinematographic experience. Popular and excellent high quality work.
Lots of background information for the Making of tekkon kinkreet on wikipedia.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

slactions2011 xyz Qin, Shosoin Qin, Making of xyz Qin 1

slactions2011 installation on HK PolyU campus


Version 2.2


Creation of the xyzQin: an interpretation and re-creation of the Shosoin qin (金銀平文琴) Tang Dynasty (735AD) ; Shosoin Treasure House, Japan :: from rl-> sl -> rl.

Shuen-git Natasha Chow 周 旋 捷 2011
Visiting Associate Professor
Tainan University of the Arts

In this research-creation– the third in the serie of Digital Guqin Museum Project - we will investigate issues concerning the making of a real life Chinese musical instrument : the guqin - by deploying Virtual World 3D construction capacities and then exporting the model to real life. I will design a new guqin after the style of the locked up Shosoin qin in Nara, tentatively entitled the “xyz琴” (xyz Qin)

xyzQin research-creation
1// design template
2// cut wood, assemble into embryo
3// test sound with string
4// fine tuning, lacquering, fine tuning, polish
5// naming the qin

Technical Advisors:
Master guqin player: Sik ChingChieh
Master guqin maker: Mr. Shan ZheYuen

Making of xyz Qin 1

Picture 1// Preparation of the deer horn into proper coating grades to mix with lacquer. 600gm crushed deer horn per qin. 300coarse grade, 200medium grade, and 100fine grade. Here, we must first scrape out the marrow of the deer horn pieces. Tools: thin, flexible wood cutter type blades, w curved cutting edge

Picture 2// The open air studio of Master Shan Zhe Yuan. The studio should be well lit and well ventilated with long working tables. We will be using a lot of natural lacquer. This liquid has a slight poison people could be allergic to it. I think its good to make two qins at a time because the drying process in between makes it that you must wait, one or two will require the same window of time. Therefore I decided to make two qins, with a different skin at the finish. And a different wood base to see the two favorite woods used. Wood no 1: over 100 year old "Shan", and Wood no 2: "tong". Mr.Shan says : the two woods are very different. "Shan" wood is deeper and darker in tone, whereas "tong" is light and bright. I think making two identical design w different variables allows us to see the difference in material.

Version 1

I like this poster w the almost "arabic" font - The Dymaxion of Buckminster Fuller fame (free)- this font gives the feeling that its running, and orderly. Little hard to read. But this poster is meant to show the passage of time and idea. It shows via its components not entirely through the meaning of the text. It is readible but its appearance gives the direction and essence of the project - light, smooth, airy, inventive.

The second version (scroll above) uses a more flamboyant handwriting font (free)- "Meddon". It is angular at the turn of the letters, gives the line script some sharpness but very easily readable. I like this font very much because it connotates a fine period of baroque time - flowery, fun, adventurous (as in the 18th century, people take time to enjoy things) it has a faint reference to the period of the Shosoin qin, around 450AD (in reality) but was gifted to the Palace of Japan in 735AD so it is on record as 735AD. The slightly fancy script suits the elaborate skin of the Shosoin qin. Its part of an instrumental ensemble for the palace. The most refined and well preserved qin in current existence. I am happy that I could use this font for this poster. Each font - just like any graphics contributes to the overall feeling of a project. It says, what is the point of the project, where it is going and from where is the idea originated, aboveall, it shows visually the targeted esthetic objective, personal wishes and desire for the project of the creator-researcher.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jazz and Art Festival at 5 Japanese Sim, HuaHui BallBall Beach, Opening and live music

Opening of the Jazz and Art Festival is tonight at 9pm - First live music event for Swann Jie, she has put her little guqin in hut for the event. Cant wait to see what happens!

Jazz & Art Festival in Secondlife

dinamite Kidd 2:41pm Oct 14


Opening Ceremony 進行表

dinamite Kidd (スカイプ)
miyuki Alter  (スカイプ)
Toko Loon   (スカイプ)
bananafish Boa (スカイプ)
Haruno Watanabe (スカイプ)
Kerupa Flow

dinamite Kidd
miyuki Alter
Toko Loon
Haruno Watanabe
Haruno Watanabe

Goodwind Sailing (スカイプ)
Swann Jie (スカイプ)
Kerupa Flow
Gallery SayoPiyo
Yoyo Quarts
Sayoko Moonwall
edaeda Mistwallow

naturalway Flow (欠席)

Haruno Watanabe

5:00am(21:00) スタッフ集合
5:30am(21:30) アーティスト集合、音声チェック

6:00am(22:00) 配信開始
主催者と会場SIMの紹介で、ばなちゃん登場 (軽く挨拶よろしく)
(退場の後、椅子を片づけてください ←ばなちゃんかな?)




Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Jazz & Art Festival in Secondlife 5sims, Oct15-Nov13 2011

Jazz & Art Festival in Secondlife
some videoclips

JAZZ & ART Festival 2011

Jazz and Art Festival 2011 features best second life musicians from all over the world performing live music at 15 unique venues, and incredible artists exhibiting their work between October 15, 2011 and November 13, 2011. Total 5 sims ("amatsu", "Grandblue", "HARUNO", "Waterland" and Aquapolis") will be prepared for live music concerts and art exhibitions. "Kick" will be part of Art exhibition during the month of October. Some live concerts will be held at various art exhibition venues. Come and join us to enjoy the best music and art on the Second Life.

=Event Period=
15 Oct.- 13 Nov. 2011

Louis Volare
Jaynine Scarborough
Tamra Hayden
Zachh Cale
Winters Kanto
Joaquin Gustav
Cacho Nootan
Eth Tedeschi
Ankari Holder
Ashiya Jun Trio
Jano Runo
Clarice Karu
Al Hoffman
Nnoiz Papp
Rulie Cisse
Ruphay Sax
Jana Kyomoon
amina Aeon
Haruno Watanabe

=Artists & Exhibition Galleries=
edaeda Mistwallow (JAPAN)
Corridor, Grandblue

Kerupa Flow(JAPAN)
Deep Thought Cathedral ,Grandblue

Goodwind Seiling (SWEDEN/JAPAN)
N00Sphere Playground & Seduction, Spiral Shell,amatsu

Gallery Sayopiyo(Sayoko Moonwall & yoyo Quartz)(JAPAN)
Captive Balloon~Firefly Forest, Kick (Oct.15 - Oct.31)
Sayopiyo at HARUNO, HARUNO (Nov.1 - Nov.13)

Swann Jie (TAIWAN)
HuaKui Beach, amatsu

michiharusaotome (JAPAN)
Swing wingS Gallery, Grandblue

naturalway Flow(Music StarMine、Show of artistic fireworks with music)(JAPAN)
MSM Base, amatsu

Fujiyama Yokosuka (JAPAN)

=Live & Event Schedule(SLT)=
Oct.15 (SAT)
JAZZ & ART Festival 2011 Opening
6:00 Opening Ceremony
7:00 Live: Louis Landon (USA)
8:00 Live: Tamra Hayden(USA)
Venue: Greek Theater, Grandblue

Live Event @ Kerupa Flow Exhibition Venue
6:45 Introduction:dinamite Kidd & Jasminsea Noel
7:00 Live: Haruno Watanabe(USA/JAPAN)
Venue: Deep Thought Cathedral ,Grandblue

Tango from Argentina
5:45 Introduction dinamite Kidd & miyuki Alter
6:00 Live: Joaquin Gustav(ARGENTINA)
7:00 Live: Winters Kanto(ARGENTINA)
8:00 Live: Cacho Nootan(ARGENTINA)
Venue: Restaurant, Grandblue

Live Music from Germany
6:45 Introduction:dinamite Kidd & Toko Loon
7:00 Live: Nnoiz Papp(GERMANY)
8:00 Live: Jaynine Scarborough(GERMANY)
Venue: Takamagahara Chapel, amatsu

Live Event @ michiharusaotome Exhibition Venue
6:45 Introduction: miyuki Alter & Toko Loon
7:00 Live: Zacch Cale(USA)
Venue:Swing wingS Gallery, Grandblue

Live Event @ edaeda Mistwallow Exhibition Venue
6:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd & miyuki Alter
7:00 Live: amina Aeon(JAPAN)
8:00 Live: Louis Landon(USA)
Venue: Corridor, Grandblue

Live Music from Mexico
6:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd & Toko Loon
7:00 Live: Ankari Holder(MEXICO/URUGUAY)
8:00 Live: Jano Runo(MEXICO)
Venue: Venue especially prepared for JAZZ & ART Festival, Waterland

Jazz Piano & Native American Flute
5:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd &Jasminsea noel
6:00 Live: Rulie Cisse(JAPAN)
7:00 Live: Ruphay Sax(SPAIN)
Venue: Haruno Palace, HARUNO

Nov.3 (THU)
Live Event @ Swann Jie Exhibition Venue
5:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd & miyuki Alter
6:00 Live: RiZ(JAPAN)
7:00 Live: Clarice Karu(USA)
Venue: Music Space KAGURA

Nov.4 (FRI)
Light & Sound Show
Artistic Fireworks with Music
6:00 Music StarMine: naturalway Flow(JAPAN)
7:00 DJ Fuji/Soul Jazz & Jazz Funk: Fujiyama Yokosuka(JAPAN)
Venue: Natulax Amatsu, amatsu

Live Event @ Gallery Sayopiyo Exhibition Venue
6:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd & Jasminsea Noel
7:00 Live: Haruno Watanabe(USA/JAPAN)
Venue:Sayopiyo at HARUNO , HARUNO

Nov.6 (SUN)
Live Event @ Goodwind Seiling Exhibition Venue
4:45 Introduction: miyuki Alter & Toko Loon
5:00 Live:Moshang(TAIWAN)
6:00 Live:Jana Kyomoon(UK)
Venue: N00Sphere Playground & Spiral Shell, amatsu

Jazz Piano Live
5:45 Introdiction: dinamite Kidd & miyuki Alter
6:00 Live: Eth Tedeschi(UK)
7:00 Live: Winters Kanto(ARGENTINA)
Venue: PRESS Lounge Piano Bar, HARUNO

Live Music from Netherlands
5:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd & Toko Loon
6:00 Live: Al Hoffman(NETHERLANDS)
7:00 Live: JooZz(NETHERLANDS)
Venue: Aquapolis Metro Terminal, Aquapolis

JAZZ & ART Festival 2011 Closing
4:45 Introduction: dinamite Kidd & miyuki Alter
5:00 Live: Ruphay Sax(SPAIN)
6:00 Live: Jaynine Scarborough(GERMANY)
7:00 Closing Ceremony
Venue: TAKAMAGAHARA Stage, amatsu

=Infomation Center=
Infomation Center, Aquapolis

=SIM & owners=
amatsu / dinamite Kidd
Grandblue / bananafish Boa
HARUNO / haruno Watanabe
Waterland / uota Noel
Aquapolis / cyberweb Babii

nabe Spitz
Bananafish Boa
Jasminsea Noel
dinamite Kidd

miyuki Alter
Toko Loon
haruno Watanabe
Uota Noel
cyberweb Babii
kerupa Flow

Monday, 3 October 2011

Half HunDun Qin, and Song HunDun Qin

Half HunDun Qin 半混沌琴 by Shuen-git Chow 2003, completed in 2006​109/t20110909_77345.htm
very famous 混沌 HunDun qin from Northern Song Dynasty.
I call my qin Half Hundun because its half straight and half w 2 "eyes" - it has always been Half Hundun since 2003, so that the name of the chouchou Half Hundun! :)

As for the famous Song Hundun, its smooth "tongue depresser" shaped.

The one and only authentic " 半混沌琴 Half Hundun qin" is as shown in this picture above. Copyright protected.