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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Laggy laggy

Boring day, but I learnt to link, delink objects... I removed some of the sitting balls and stuck them everywhere... hahahah so now, you could sit on the flower trees everywhere on leaves and - everywhere!

Actually in sl, everything is prop - there is no need to have anything at all to sit or whatever. Everything is to create ambiance. So, now I think of it, particle are made to help people express themselves, either through a rosy fog, bursting with little hearts, or green clovers to give cheery good luck , or fire work, or whatever. The whole point is to help the verbally short people to give a kick to their speech...

Reminds me of the 3 euros perfumes, I was laughing so much when I first saw them - BI, or I love you, or Passion, or MAN MAN etc. Very direct, no mistake about it, the one who gives such a gift is very direct. We might laugh, so corny, but that the comic book age, we are impatient with words... hahahahahh

Today, I visited everywhere. A friend answered my IM, but I had a crash. Right at the critical moment a crash. :(

Linden Lab is not yet a stable enough platform for certain work. I read the sl conference proceeding - one of the message from almost everybody is - lots of latency.

Laggy laggy...

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