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Monday, 25 January 2010

Ink painting scenario in China Sim, Aston Leison, HuaHui Mobile Music in an ink painting

Strolling around in a Chinese ink painting, and HuaHui Mobile Music found a wonderful setting - it is at once contemporary and from an abstract ambiance dated from ancient paintings. Such a good walk-into-a-painting scenario created by Aston Leison for the pleasure of all sl visitors. HuaHui Mobile Music looks great here! Could we possibly export this into real life?
This type of airy landscape is not un common in China - thats why paintings are painted this way.

Now, how to export the HHMM to a real site?
It is a light weight, small towable structure, how hard would it be to do this?

Aston Leisen's beautiful Chinese Ink Painting landscape

Staging HuaHui MobileMusic under the bamboo groves.

Ink painting scenario in China Sim, by Aston Leison

What a wonderful scenario for Digital Guqin Museum, its beautiful and airy, and so unique only in sl. V gd idea, its about the essence of airiness.

I will try to put a HuaHui MobileMusic in a Real life Chinese site.

Details of the MobileMusic as Landmark sculpture:

Maria brought me many aluminum skins! Beautiful, very happy to receive them. :)

The MobileMusic House with interior winterised finishes:

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