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Friday, 31 August 2007

Bathing Green Peony, Pirate Ship, End of Isakaya, SushiMetal, Diner

I visited many places today, not intentionally.
First, I want to get my Guqin ready... trying to work with the limited margin of error due to the tight time line, I approached several scripting specialists, etc. SushiMetal, a very nice guy was in conference with his team mate... as I sloshed around in his Sushi bar-pool, its waist deep in a block of water bounded by an invisible wall... finally he finished his business and he studied the question with his buddy and me. We examined the koto, and finally decided, he has to go to dinner. He even gave me back my money... :(

Next, I remembered someone else who made an interactive baseball game in real time, in sl, so I approached him - hahaha, I remembered the name wrong! And got another person instead. But she was so nice, and I visited an American Diner instead. She works there, so if you go to this Diner there will be somebody there unlike most of sl places.

Tilly came to update my house and put in the five special rooms, the one I like the most was the hot tub! So i prefer my house to be a huge hot tub, all I need is a desk and everything is fine. A friend once told me, if she could she would stay her whole days at a sauna - a huge sauna bath house in Karlsruhe, very beautiful indeed - in fact, once I saw it in the Green Peony it immediately reminds me of Karlsruhe. So, I got this dream house...

While I was kicking my feet in the water, I invited some friends, and one of them, bought a Pirate ship, we went over there... ho ho ho... my friend has even a captains costume, which he quickly put on, so happy he was.

He played with the bells and canons, and the ship owner also very amused, she thinks of the furnitures, sun chairs etc. etc. In this excitement, I am happy that they made friends...

Izakay formally closed today, they were doing this little dance around a podium, firework, speech, camera man... since they all had fan-fans, I whipped out my super sensu fan as well, as i waved it here and waved it there, goodbye, friends goodbye.
I took a few pictures and came home to my ice cube lawn chair in front of the twin tower castle.

After all this hassle, suddenly its already six o'clock, so I wonder what a closed Izakaya looks like, when I tried to fly back, to teleport back, impossible... totally inaccessible. That, is what an island is... enclosure, onto oneself.

While I was trying to understand what is an island, I checked out the land exactly and found a neighbouring grid, White Wolf it says, so I teleported there instead, and i thought, i could wing myself over to Isakaya afterwards... but no luck. An island in sl is just that... its a cube, it does not exist beyond the cube. Finito. Whats beyond looks like an ocean but in fact, its a wall. :)

White wolf is interesting, i see that its meant for combat, very ceremonious halls, and very "bloody" smell.

I tried to interview the owners of Izakaya before closing, and they grilled me about who I am - "really" - who am I! worries, foreboding... so I gave him my url, web site, etc. and then, not one peep afterwards. But the one I knew, the one I met almost everyday for the last 6 weeks said to me, that after today, he will be going on vacation for one week in rl. Sounds like relief, out of the prison of this totally hermetic puppet theatre.

When I was at the closing party, one girl said hi to me, she called me by my name.

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