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Friday, 27 March 2009

WITH closing, farewell party, Venice, super geek gal Kerrypet, Tillys Skyball4 friends, Live Music venue

Super geek gal Kerrypet speaking to xfactor. :)

Live guitarist from Argentina
Live Music Venue, owner: Circes Broomes

Tilly Ayres made a Skyball, from the Myst flower house in 2006, to the SunFlower giant house to the Secret PixiMushroom House with Dungeon, now the Skyball. I really like this Skyball, you could rezz from a tiny ball that you wear on you, or carry in your hand, click, the whole house envelopes you. From the previous secret rings operations, now we have a standard wood panel with the label - in French - open and behind 2 rows of buttons. Rezz, and you get all the rooms. With thrones, hot tub, cuddling bed - library. Everything. The house now is light, very soft and no longer mystical Wicca tinted. I like it very much.

She gave a spawner script and I tried to solve the problem - how to rezz different rooms - how to apply this problem to the DGM club house?

Once again, I had to ask all around, and I found super geek gal Kerrypet ! She wrote a script and we made a spawny spawner - not only it spawns, it gives you wise cracks ! Kerrypet Llewelyn only took a month to learn all this "basic stuff", because she is a mathematician! I am so thankful for her just-in-time gift of time and solution.

I have asked several of my friends, all geek guys, including one who suggested that why dont I "do them" - just SLsex fun. They help me dont they? That, is the brain of a guy guy. Super geek guy coming out with his "guyness". Yes, why not? and why yes? and why write aobut it? I think in sl, just like in rl, how much meaning you designated to an action will make that event feel very strong or like rain off your back.

In sl the room for multiple meanings is much more generous than in rl.

I have met avatars who told me that they get hurt very deeply just like in rl, that from manual workers to super geek teachers. I think how hurt you get from anything depends on how much importance you set the meaning at the beginning. Just like a script for the spawner. You tell the script to "spawn object" - it will.

The critical point is not "do them" or not, its what comes afterwards. Will it become a chain of "do them" moments, and talk related to "do them" moments? If a tree fell in the forest, and nobody knew, they cannot talk about it. Would the "do them" be such a pleasure, a large cookie - and any cookie will do - that they want to elaborate and enjoy memories of it? Of course!! They want every last bit of that cookie. Otherwise, its not a true cookie.

Why talk about this so much? Ideally, the "do them" moment would have taken place without words.

There was a movie about this, Intimacy, by Patrice Chéreau, I think. Set in London, a woman who comes in every Wed to an apt and just make love with this man, without a word and leaves. If people do have an animal instinct somewhere this is a movie about the difficulties between reality, words and action without words. Where are the layers of emotion in all this. I remember the movie, and the excellent actress, her face and the man, but not the names - I am a visual person.

Maybe this is a good subject for research.
At what moment would you make love or have SLsex without words? (I am sure a lot of people have data on this) Who is the research for... I let sl researchers take care of this... hahahahh

I discovered WITH a high quality sim yesterday, and today is the last day. There was a carnaval ball. All the avatars came in long dresses w masks, and streaming the very dainty court music. There were animal avatars too. One avatar had a horse, that makes Swannjie want to take out her Freisian Mare for the first time. :)
There was a cafe, with servers and many clients. Coffee muffin, everything. They were really friendly and invited me to their parties.

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