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Friday, 20 March 2009

holodeck, 100rooms in one unit of holodeck, pure lies, truth machines, aquarium

two gals w tattoo! they both like the guqin music :) soothing sounds, lovely.

more friends for guqin music

Visiting a holodeck creator, very interesting rooms. Amusement!
Too bad, I need to make my own special settings, these rooms are fun but better to be visited. It is not useful for DGM.

exploding robots :)

Versailles! beautiful lighting!

Aquarium, pretty fishes.

friends at holodeck house

Truth machine room... after they extracted the truth from you, whats left? You are pure lies... :)

I was really impressed with the idea of holodeck, then I thought about it, actually its a rezzing of linked objects, thats just like rezzing a group of prims linked as a package. If you put a triggering device to open and make a copy of this group of linked objects, or that linked objects... isnt that what a "holo deck" is?

If you made say a double decker bus, and all the parts are linked in a special form, each time you open the package the bus is always all in the right place like a bus should. Isnt this what a "holodeck" is?

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