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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mobile Music3 rl/sl locations, versionhood, Kungfu Kuroobi, bruce lee one inch punch

Grand Kung Fu shop inspired by Kungfu movies, no real life architecture model. The owner is a karate expert. We both agree Bruce Lee is the best of all. I remember the documentary one-inch-punch.

Kuroobi close up

Mobile Music3 at the Go game place, Kungfu shop. Very nice space.

Found a small pavilion on the hill, very good for guqin concert, especially the flower trees - magnolias if you look close up.

Real life Great Wall of China with people infill for scale

Mobile Music no3 on sl Great Wall of China.

a softer tent version Mobile Music 2

more locations for Mobile Music 3, if anybody knows of suitable places, please leave me a message.

Kristin Sue Lucas, just changed her name officially from Kristin Sue Lucas to Kristin Sue Lucas, like a renewed version of a web page. Interesting project on "versionhood" to bring peoples attention to the "time" and "existence" of "self". Like Alice in Wonderland who asked: how do you know that you are you? And then she recited the multiplication table to reassure herself that she is indeed herself... my favorite book.

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