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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Human quality in sl + rl, Saitot Tammas, Conjoh Kohimes doggie avatar

Glass house in grass

Glass house in grass close up

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 65 :: Human Quality in sl and rl

Communication depends on redundancy. I helped someone evaluate the package deal offers - even though I didnt have all the data at hand - due to various angles that we study the context; even though I misread some of the meaning of the stipulations and restrictions, the interpretation and outcome is still the best. Why is that? Because communication depends on redundancy. Words are imprecise. To not miss a message, you need multiple expressions - just like strokes in a painting. In real life, for precision, a picture is rendered via multiple expressions. If after you rendered it in so many fashion and still the receiver didnt "get it", then, forget it, let it rest until the context changes.

Doggie Avatar
Saitot Tammas of CyberMystimare came to look at the multi-object one prim sculpties, she was in a Doggie Avatar. Such a nice doggie. All the animation are so perfectly doggie like.

I took a pic of the Doggie Avatar. You could buy it on XStreet. The creator Conjoh Kohime makes avatars like mermaids, snake tail woman, Ostrich feet people, baby doggie and the famous full fledge Doggie. You could try them out with $1linden demos too.

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