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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Things I like, Sculptie for the House of Aluminum Pearl, Realistic Avatars, seaside in Cambodia, internet, Salmaru

Contagious Republic came to visit, he gave Digital Guqin Museum a gift! The superb Sculptie-O-matic latest version to link 64prims into one sculptie, 64 = ONE; he investigated my house and said, you could save 100 prims here, 80 here, and here here here... I will have a lot of room to put new guqins and exhibit objects! He has a really cute avatar, with a white lab coat and Wellington boots with earth on it.

Salmaru came with his brand new truck. I asked him if he could transport my house on his truck for me, and he said "Maybe". In the end, he said, you can do it yourself. He gave me his truck full permission - to wear! Imagine I will be wearing the truck and the house! Me tired already!
But what i really want is to have my house pulled by the little taxi. Salmaru looks cool in his white Japanese truck, but me, i prefer the little flower taxi with my house. In this case, I feel like fun riding. Like a fun outing in the country side and not "house moving" day.

Sculptie copper qin underside

Sculptie copper qin top

Perfect software to do the "pearl aluminum skin for Mobile Music 3" I am so happy to have found the Sculptie-O-Matic, wonderful! Thanks to Contagious Republic.

This is the kind of seaside I like - reading, drinking green coconut juice munching the flesh, durian, pomme de lait, what else what else... and internet ! Whats missing? maybe a horse?

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