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Thursday, 12 March 2009

first sculptie head, realistic avatar or not?

Anna May Wong, first Chinese American Actress 1930, starred in Eisensteins Shanghai Express, with Marlene Dietrich and many others. Very nice movie, black and white.

rough Sculptie head wearing Anna May Wongs face; I would have liked the cheeks to have more volume. First try here. Her sl face is not as nice as the rl face. Will do a better one later.

Inuyasha - expert builder of Shuri Castle - explained to me what a "sculptie map" is, so I went on the web and downloaded a sculptie map, and threw it onto the templates "sculptie" shape, and in 2 seconds, voila voila. A head. Good enough shaped, now just paste on your favorite photo, a frontal one, and you got yourself a bona fide real life avatar which looks like you! But most people want to look better, so they never show their own face.

On top of that, I just learnt that a friend, he avowed and thanked me for giving him a gift - that of having a visually pleasant avatar, that he dreamt of me - I mean my avatar. Its been a long time since he had such dreams, and he really enjoyed it. So, another reason to not put your face on your avatar. I am glad he had a dream about my av in such a passionate way, a fan.

Arent all pop stars and pin up girls great? They give the gift of dreams. Why dont people just make their own sl rubber doll and paste the face they want on it? And play with it the way they want? I heard someone had two avatars, one plays with the other.
But he also said lots of sexy girls approached him and he does not like them, but for some reason he is happy he dreamt of my avatar. I was approached by male avatars who want to be boyfriend, or sexy partner friends. They usually say they are professor of some obscure subject and then after a few moments will go into the main subject - which is have you tried sex in sl?

My avatar looks like me, says my chouchou; but my mother thinks it doesnt look like me. Thats because the one who loves you sees up close your spirit and sees the way the avatars silliness, whereas my mother, she doesnt really know me anymore I think. She also doesnt know about sl, shes afraid of bad people and virus and burglars, invasion of privacy, dishonest online banking - all bad things - through internet. She compares her image of me, with a far more unrealistic detailed mapping - an unrealistic expectation of photographic realism. Coming back to the realistic avatar face, I saw some peoples realistic avatars, like famous professors etc, mayors, when they are in sl, even though it should be realistic; somehow this insistance to be technically similar makes it look dissimilar - because the target and the source are too different in possible rendition. Just the skin is more or less realistic maybe, but it seems much more important that the spirit of the avatar ressembles the person. I think a puppet is a puppet, doesnt need to have photorealism type of realism.

But everyone "plays" sl the way they want, if they have time to be someone else, all the better that they could use sl this way. For me, I think being myself is already complicated enough, dont have time to construct another me.

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