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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

DGM Airship, House of Sweden, sushimetal and hatsune miku, Qin songs, Vocaloid, CUI HuiXin, MAO HuiSheng, CAI XiaoMeng, XIAO Shuo

DGM Airship on campus, with mobile DGM

House of Sweden, I finally came to visit this Embassy of Sweden located in sl.

Met Sushimetal today, he showed me his new music - and some songs with hatsune miku singing. Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid personnality. Isnt this so cute, fun, and we could use it in many applications. How would that sound with a Vocaloid singing Qin songs?

Qin songs are often sad, or melancholic, what would it sound like with a hatsune miku - hatsune miku playing the guqin and singing how sad she is blocked at her home, and people no longer remember her... would hatsune miku perform a convincing melancholic song?

Sushimetal does rock and roll, punk rock drums, he said, hatsune miku is cute but not really good for drums. You could see from her fans club, very cute.

Can Hatsune miku sing some Qin songs, or conversely speaking - can we write some Qin songs for people with a Hatsune miku outlook? If not, what place does Qin music have in pop or contemporary living ? Where is the place for Qin music?

In the ancient days, Qin music is not played in certain places, no drunkenness, no smoking, no boisterous ambiance, its is a quiet interior voice.

So maybe the hatsune miku voice could be applied to the Qin instrument, but it would not be in the spiritual purpose of what a Qin can offer you. On the other hand, a cute voice with Qin songs is not impossible, there are children players of the Qin - for example CUI Hui Xin , MAO Hui Sheng, CAI Xiao Meng, and the very talented XIAO Shuo. I have made videos of these children players. As you could see here, why would children be melancholic?

I would like to try a vocaloid, and Hatsune Miku singing Qin songs might be a very delicate niche, might be a mismatch in purpose and tool.

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