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Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunny day, Eartha Kitt, xo olpc car power, CuriousLee, just in time solutions, copper necklace

9 copper balls in one prim using Sculptie-O-matic

25 copper balls in one prim using Sculptie-O-matic; balls are not very round, but its very sculptural, so you have to know what you want and if the tool will do what you want to achieve. I like both very fine and slightly rough finishes. It all depends for what purpose.

I uploaded some Eartha Kitt songs on Youtube Player at Digital Guqin Museum site. She is so absolutely fabulous, passed away past Christmas. Her act is at once of her time, and of all times. Beautiful subtle nuances in each phrase she sings. Always her own voice. If I could find a complete show from the 70s that would be wonderful - as this period seem to show her in her full glam, orange and white theme very cheery. She jumps on a chaise longue, like a cat, landing lightly - :)

xo olpc : on the road

Was looking for a car charger for xo olpc, because I forgot to charge it when we went out - couldn't read my ebook :( Then, i thought, why not buy a car charger while I am out? Well, power source and adapter head are two important details.

According to one source, any 11-24 volt will do.

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 66 :: Just in time solutions via Internet ::

After another 30mn of looking up the internet, I found CuriousLee on flicker with 79 slides on how to power the xo olpc from a car! Ha, I have everything already, just didnt know could do this! I am so glad that I dont need to buy more stuff, I want to reduce incoming objects... hahahah one less thing in the house. So happy! Whats so great is that these are photos with few words, just the words you need and big close up photos of how tos with little hot spots with key points. Deserves a one gold star for this great job.

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