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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tilly Ayres Skyball, multiple room spawner, Leni Galli, Ayiki, Salmaru

Skyball w spawner, dgm in the back

Leni Galli "drive a horse" and not "wear a horse" designer creator, and Ayiki, super builder/scripter for scriptable mannequin :: digital fashion coming at dgm

Skyball by Tilly Ayres w room spawner

Tilly Ayres had made flower houses and mushroom houses, they all have spawner features that include several rooms in one. So I asked her did she use a holodeck ? No, she did the scripting herself and she gifted a skyball with spawner script open to me. Thanks to this gift, now I have a choice between two systems, which one to use?

Salmaru and one of his many trucks - this one carries I beams! Help!! Everything will be broken!!!

Salmaru came with his one ton of I beam truck, crushing everything ! Look!
I introduced him to Ayiki the super builder of scriptable mannequins. Part of sl just like in rl is the introduction of similar interest people to create a strong group. Collaboration in teh future. I also showed Salmaru store to Ayiki. My favorite is the crab noodles.

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