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Friday, 6 March 2009

Location, location, location : Dragon Mall, WuDaoZi

A professional told me, the three important keys for owning real estate are: location, location, location.

Mobile Music 3 sited along a green lot next to a paved stone path unobstructed view into the sunset

A shopping mall/pavilion for rent thats already filled with a wonderful dragon.

Mobile Music 3, how does it hold up as a small presence next to two giant pavilions? Under blossoming tree bushes?

MM3 Scale comparisons

Asian mall, setting has an ambiance like that of Samourai island and not the Kungfu movie Chinese mansions. The two pavilions are definitely designed for shopping mall purpose - the one on the left has wall size dragon paintings from WuDaoZi - very famous painting - seems like that this is what people say its WuDaoZis painting, but in fact - he is more famous from text, no one really saw any original pictures. I remember this dragon from a book. On the column inside, Chinese writing says: Chinese ancient culture. Very strange mix of shopping mall wanna be and at the same time its already filled with this nice dragon. The creator has an idea in mind, just like the Kungfu master yesterday, they both have a dream.

Dep came to visit, they were watching a Japanese animation film on Youtube player. I am so glad they did. They used DGM like a little private club. DGM is placed very high up, if you didnt know its there, you just simply cant "walk" or stumble upon it.

Dep called her friend to come, both of them discussed their youtube uploads... its really funny for me to see this. They picked at least 10 or more versions of remixes of Why is the Rum gone?

Dep tried the guqin immediately, without any instructions, she got it to play!

A big nice lion - or rather a Chilin... a good luck lion.

Today, I continue with the inspection of locations for landing the Mobile Music3, and found a few places.

1// One giant size lion - very nice, a whopping 204 prims!! The texture never really rezzed fully even after I waited and waited... maybe its my computer.

2// a blue double hand sculpture, somehow it worked. Even though I dont normally like this type of sculpture nor the building that its build for. But in the almost touching of the two hands, it works. And the clever and clean way the hands were built, it was rather nice.

3// I visited a "brothel" thats housed in a Chinese style building. The architecture was just like any old chinese architecture from any movies. There was a bot inside, naked, or rather dressed in "tied-me-up ropes", half crouching, kneeling bare breasted in a corner between two sofas with a tea tray in hand. (its use is more like a corner coffee table) Its supposed to be an avatar, but I think its a bot. Humiliating to women totally. I suggest this type of service should be properly handled and not displayed like a ceramic tiger. Sex service could be had, but why make it humiliating to the woman - and for free anybody could come in and enjoy this spectacle. Its so totally destructive to the image of women - I think if the women accept to do kinky, slave, whatever sex service, well they do it for some exchange, get paid for it. Its a service. But here, like a sitting statue. This is equivalent to displaying racist statues - that nobody would tolerate in todays standard. There is no other sign of erotica, except a picture of a tattooed women - like body painting - on a giant size poster. No sex balls, no specialised apparatus. The place wasnt even overtly sexual at all. Very strange, and the description of the SIM is totally openly offering crude escort service without any word play. Very strange. I suspect that behind the avatars are all young unemployed men who needs a job. If we got rid of the "slave bot" the whole set up is fine for a nice salon use. But now that I know it had such a bot there, its contaminated. Even if you removed the bot, in my memory, I see this setting with the bots image - a cheap exploitation of images of women.

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