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Friday, 27 March 2009

Real life home : Enass, Digital Guqin Museum Annex, Linden Lab Campus, University of Southern Mississippi

Digital Guqin Museum Annex
Support : Linden Lab Campus Land/San Francisco; Enass/Paris; Airship gift/Hanako Hammerer, Tokyo; Oracle Poem scripting/University of Southern Mississippi, Professor Sturtevant and his students; and all my friends in sl - from building, to scripting, to social life : everything that I have learnt from day one to now are only possible because of the avatar/people in sl.

Conclusion : The immersive environment of the sl Virtual World, with real live people behind avatars, makes SL a bona fide interactive effective just-in-time learning experience.

Future : We will move onto the next phase, which is exporting into real life the microscopic steps built from sl

Digital Guqin Museum Annex is part of the Digital Guqin Museum Project by::Conceptor creator/Swannjie, Paris

Playing Guqin on the Digital Guqin Museum annex, Oracle Poem Platform, Linden Campus

Mobile Music in cardboard, Digital Guqin Museum Airship gifted by Hanako Hammerer, land by Linden Lab

Digital Museum Club House :: Main platform, land gifted by WangXiang

Invited to a party, so I thought I would amuse the host. What kind of guest is one that does not do their part? Here it is. Everything here is real.

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