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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

wire mesh, sixth sense, Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry, SL profiles, rl pictures, rl to sl, Facebook

Mobile Music 3, wood frame version

wireframe of suiseiki stone 7 meters long

wireframe of mahjong table and grass

Wire mesh frame in sl, this is interesting as a construction guideline, is it reversible? Would it be feasible to take all the bits and re-construct it into volume into rl? or is that really heavy and useless. ??

I was looking at TED conference this morning, because these are very intelligent people talking! Philip Rosedale talked about sl, and Bill Gates, and today, Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry from MIT showed a device that is "sixth sense" oriented - actually a fast search device that lets you take photos and project anywhere, and search for 350US, didnt see the look of the object. If its got some beauty i think they could sell a first batch easily. The interesting part is they could go up to a person with this device and search info immediately, like a blog search reading of data code of the person - the person is like this pack of coffee beans and delivers info about themselves, blog page, everything. Maybe this is the modern "sixth sense" that we get starting from the last step we took.

My interest is always in people, how does this modern "sixth sense" compare to our "gut feelings" about a person? If say, we are developing virtual worlds today, we could already quickly click on an avatar to get his profile. But how long would it take before an actual face to face meeting comes about between two avatars? Each time I get a real photo of the avatar - that they wanted to show me without my asking - I think its already a step towards reality from virtual reality. Now, if I had that persons picture available immediately - such as in Facebook, would I have gotten to know them? Or would my data search immediately kicks into place and there is no room for the internal devleopment of the relation to come about? If you didnt see the rl photo, you are purely interacting based on self expression data. And this data is ongoing, not a one off thing. For some avatars, there is a development, you see them changing, others are more or less the same. So this reading of data is spread out over a longer period of time - the rate of change itself is indicative of what the avatar wants to do with his life, because sl is real life.

There is no avatar, only real people.


Kaizad said...

That would take all the fun out of meeting someone new, or chasing a romance.

It would also quite potentially make stalking easier. Transparency and "data" should have its limits.

sl Swann bb said...

yes. both not so much fun