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Monday, 30 March 2009

an aluminum skin ball, Digital Guqin Museum Guest house, Linden Lab CEO, Mark Kingdon in Paris

aluminum cubes

aluminum cubes

Tilly Myst flower house re-purposed by Swannjiejie

Inside this guest house for Digital Guqin Museum with with a private line to "xfactor" the ice cube - :)

"xFactor" is an intelligent robot who will learn to respond to your questions. The special mission of xFactor is to answer you while the real Swannjiejie is away; and to transmit your questions to her when she comes back.

Linden Lab CEO came to Paris, and here is what happened:
WangXiang blog
Ange Zanetti blog
Zanetti reports the people as follows:
Dan, Nick & Julien d'extralab, Richard de Stonfield, WangXiang, Gromike, JeanRem, Fred Cavazza,Etienne Armand Amato, Yohan & Nicolas de Concept SL, Coulaut & Audrey de la biblio, Jean Marie de metaverse3d, yanis de Folies estate, Myriam de Grandir

Frédéric Cavazza

People noticed that there was only 1 woman, and no creator. But these two groups are quite numerous, to not say to make up at least half of sl user.
Wouldn't Linden Lab like to know what these two groups think ?

I think this is not quite "representative" of sl users in France - as of now, sl user is represented by a limited group of men who are finance, ad people. The meeting is not open enough to be "representative".

This talk might be just "non-scoop", auto promotion selling as reported by bloggers - which is likely to be the case - but we also like to hear how CEOs make big sales pitches. :) Hear it first hand ourselves if we had wanted to? instead of being limited by secondhand reports.

In fact, its a "product announcement" type of meeting. So, its mainly for buisness people. Linden Lab makes a sales pitch to French people. Thats what it is.
Especially after I looked at the profiles of the people who went.

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