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Monday, 9 March 2009

Exploding celadon vase, tiny house

In a ceramic shop, where someone bought a celadon green vase for 60euros, this was a real piece of antiquity but it was a totally shattered vase that had been reglued back together. Looks pretty and the reglued mosaic effect is not bad. but the shop was moist in the walls as if flooded entirely like an aquarium, the owner said, yes it was flooded and almost dry now... as i touched the vase, suddenly all the pieces bounced outwards, the vase still maintains the form but the pieces are held together like by some bandage from the inside, thats sprung open... So you have exploded vase with all the pieces glued onto some linen backing. Very strange.

more tiny house
I have been interested in mobile structures, and good smart looking small homes. Tinyhouses. Tiny houses in wood is cozy and the Airstream is sleek and adventurous.

I fear that I will lose interest very soon too.
How long could you maintain an interest? For how long could you find interest in a subject?

Just read more about Leonardos portrait. He was a handsome man. Such soft gentle observations of his world. Thats a subject that comes back again and again. Drawing and painting of the world around us.

There are many media art work around us, how soon would we get tired of them?

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