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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Whats in a name? popular asian themes in sl : 花魁, QiGong, Martial arts : Qiu Fu-Yi

Whats in a name? What is "花魁", in Chinese, this means the Queen of all flowers. The number ONE in flowers.

花魁 in Japanese seem to be used uniquely as Queen of courtisane - to designate rankings in the metier of geishas, formalise a special type of romantic /erotic commerce. Here is a Youtube on the outer clothing and mannerisms of the 花魁, the Oiran. The contemporary pop version, one more, trailer of a feature film 惡女花魁, rock star plays the lead- and the traditional theatrical version.

According to an English-Chinese dictionary : The term 花魁 in Chinese has two meanings,literally 1/ the Number One flower, usually the plum blossom and 2/ by traditional analogic use; the Number One girl in a House of Flowers.

What are the various 花魁s of different countries in the world ? I discovered that China has no designated national flower. There has been a debate on which flower should be the "national" flower. It was a tie between the wood stem Peony - the Mudan - symbol of affluence, glory and power, and the Plum, symbol of elegance and outstanding integrity, as it blossoms in winter snow. So the two flowers were voted by the public - which one should be the National Flower? Now it seem to point to a Dual National Flower. Two flowers and one country. Thanks to the internet we can find answers to almost everything, I just couldnt believe it at first, no national flower? How come?

Martial arts

: here is a Youtube on the concept of Qi, 84 year old man - Qiu Fu-Yi -moving objects through air via Qi. Its real no tra la la. He is a Chinese medicine doctor from Sichuan. The commentator is so mediocre. Here is a good interview documentary theme. Here is the same video presented by Taiwan, re-introduced by an American on a Martials art blog.

Asian elements in sl also include Martial arts and Geisha service.
What other specifically Asian themes in sl? Furnitures. Lots of people love Asian styled furnitures. What else what else?

For a lot of people, sl presents dreams from rl.

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