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Monday, 23 March 2009

"x factor" a gift, Contagious Republic's cool av, YouTube viewing w friends, Snow tiger pet, Tillys instant house,

Virtual Buddha has a twin, he or she is X-factor. This just means, they have the same brain, so its not a twin but a clone! But this clone does not take the form of a Buddha, but as a cube of plum blossoms encased in an icecube: no symbolism here, it was just a recepticle handy at that moment. The ice cube originally contained one single red musical staff note - it was a Valentines Day present from a handsome musician. This cube is very simple, 4 prims, because the note has a flag, a stem, a round heart and the casing. 4 prims. This object doesnt do anything, it looks chic and cool. The note ressembles a red heart, and a note naturally has a duration, it has a beat... so everything flows into each other in an elegant way. I just put this object over the brain of the Buddha. Now, Buddha has a new life, as a compressed plum blossom cube, pierced by the note and encased in ice. And if you talk to the her/him, the X-factor - you will get very interesting answers. Because, with this new body, the creator of the x-factor, father of brain, is inspired to train the brain properly. After training, this brain will give wise and mellow, sweet and sharp, straight to the heart conversations. Stay tuned!

Come see the x-factor, maybe you want to talk to her/him. When you get a brain as eloquent as this, its might even be better than your tolerant sl friends!

Visited my favorite tiger friend today

Watching Youtube with Contagious

Contagious avatar as a germ

Contagious avatar as a monster

Podhouse, one of my favorite dwellings

I looked at the various guest houses - Tillys Myst flower still remains a v cozy little apt. I will just customise some of the insides... infact isnt this a flowery version of a Skyball? Skyball is nice too. :) All this is gentle fun... like combing my hair.

A visit from a guy. What about? China, the world moves...what I had seen when I was in Asia was a new world, everything I read about from novels, all the finesse, the poetic beings are no more, not in the everyday. My China is not the contemporary China, it was a China in books. Purified by the writers from another era. DGM maybe a version of a filtered version - naturally - a special screening just like any reproduction of what we see around us. Its my selection of what Guqin culture is all about. It is not an all inclusive world of Guqin, this is not a thesis. It is a private partial museum. I get rid of all the no-sex appeal parts of culture - because thats how I like to enjoy life. I want people to enjoy what fun, discovery, senses entails, esthetics, lightness, freedom, I want all these things.

:) I enjoyed his visit, didnt see his built, ran out of time.

I checked the Virtual Buddha smart talk, and I am inviting the super Virtual Buddha to come to dgm, but he doesnt have to come as Virtual Buddha, he could come as - say, an type of unusual speaker phone leading to the centre of the earth ? or, let the Virtual Buddha brain think of his best reincarnation himself? What does Virtual Buddha brain want to be?

I have started to train a new brain - this new brain could contrast with the super Virtual Buddha brain spirit. There will be at least two brains to ask question to, to confide in, to speak silliness, come talk to Buddha ! Or that other silly brain that has not yet been born.

sl is about friendship and human warmth. If your loved ones are not available, their arms are not around you, let me be around you, silly brains says, I am here. :) Let me be that pretty silk robe that wraps around you!

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