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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

MM3 aluminum cubes, real life r<->sl, € € €, $ $ $ : Gromike, Horten hears the Whos,

Mobile Music 3, aluminum cubes

Mobile Music 3, aluminum cubes

Who are the people in "French community"?

Very interesting blog, and its really big time sl+rl work.
Not microscopic silly steps... hahahha

After looking at this, the scale of reality is so evident.

Its much easier to go from big buck rl into sl, and make a splash.
Very difficult to go from sl, microscopic steps out into rl : and without transforming yourself into giants, because when you are a giant, the essence of being little "whos" is no more.

I want to be a "Who" and I want to be heard too!
no no no, I am not the "who", hahahah, wrong wrong, Swannjiejie is in whoville.
I have to be careful and not become like the "who" - making myself all small in Whoville (sl = whoville ? ).
Swannjie is an av, and I am a regular size person!
And the point is to be in the loop, as much as possible.
Just join the loop !!!
Swannjiejie must tell people, that she wants to be in this loop, in that loop,
Time to get to work !!!

Like a giant putting his finger into the little flowers popping up in spring time, the little Whos living in the flower will have much more difficulties making themselves heard to the giants outside.

How do you make the Hortens hear the Whos?

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