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Monday, 2 March 2009

cardboard houses, intelligent cloth BMW, treehugger


Nice elaboration following the above link!
cardboard construction for school houses

China Fights Earthquakes With Cardboard

After the disaster caused by the huge earthquake in May 2008, China is looking for safer schools for its children.

And a possible solution is the temporary schools proposed by Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban. After the terrible earthquake that hit China and caused over 69,000 casualties, Ban brought his ingenious idea to the attention of the authorities, who approved the project. He and a team of Chinese students started building safe schools out of cardboard pillars, plywood roofs and polycarbonate as insulation.

The cardboard and plywood schools are temporary, but in case of an earthquake, should the structures collapse, the materials are nowhere near heavy enough to cause serious injury. The materials used are fireproof and waterproof. Shigeru Ban hopes soon he will be able to build multi-storied buildings out of cardboard.
Yurts, mobile shelters, what architects have come up with compared to the Yurt!
My number one favorite home structure. But due to the "nomadic" nature of the Yurt, people dont want them in their cities.
I interviewed a lady in a small village in France, her home is beautiful. She said the problem is not the buyer, nor the builder, its the administrators in cities, towns and villages. The Mayor may not support having these structures in their commune - people think it downgrades the value of their property.

I have proposed a nice yurt - without any specific style, contemporary or Mongolian - there are many variations on the market - in our own backyard, a huge strip of garden - 300 ft long land - and what do you know? I got a big NOOOOOOOO from my brothers and sisters, they are against this idea!! They think it looks, looks like "hippy" homes.

So whats the next best thing for affordable, economical green homes? You cant change peoples symbolic memories of certain things they have imprinted in their collective memories, so, a cute tiny house made in traditional materials is the next best thing. As long as it is not more wastage than the original homes of the same type. For example if an "improved", stylised "yurt" cost 5 times more than the traditional Mongolian yurts, well I dont think its about green planet improvements anymore, but rather a style choice - which is what the designer/buyers wanted. You have to also take care of peoples emotional needs.

Intelligent cloth BMW car model, and cardboard houses

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