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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sculptures by Meleni Fairymeadow, Buddha talk, Swannjie's Cybertwin, DGM airship renovation plan

Went to visit Penglai island take a look at the Siberian tiger to see if hes well, and in passing show the Buddha to Kerrypet, I told Kerrypet that you could talk to the Buddha. Actually i was looking for the avatar bot, but its not there. So, Buddha bot is good too. We had some very funny conversation w the Buddha, I want to invite the Buddha to DGM. Now, are the repliques set by the owner or do they come w the Buddha? So, I went to see the creators place, an abbey, very nice space with sculpture rezzer display. This is such a good device, it does not clutter up the abby unlike a lot of shopping malls. Saw sculptures by Meleni Fairymeadow, there was also a garage sale. The cloister, the sculpture, the garage sale, the nice free dining room - its a total experience. Have a glass wine and nice view out of the window. Its a quiet luxury very nice. The figurative scultpures are made of volumes that shows the creator knows real sculpture very well, otherwise you couldnt build such nice lines and forms. There was also Homer Simpson next to Leda and the Swan - everybody equal. :)

Swannjie just got a cybertwin, thanks to WangXiangs instructions... lets see how here cybertwin throws back the ball. Take a look! Upper right hand corner, talk to her!

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