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Monday, 2 March 2009

Yourte in context sl rl, Kirghistan, Canada, France

Size comparison

Mobile Music 3 compared to large tent

large tent

sl tent/yourte displays

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 67 :: horses in action

Yourtes with video Kirghizstan showing living in context





One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 68 :: Build a Mobile Music for Dubai or any other not yet visited, special, smart, good mountain and water, beautiful, culturally rich, good food, green city ::

Why do I want to make a sculpture for the city of Dubai? Because I heard so much from this other friend that I find this idea - as an exploration project and truly cross cultural experiment - very interesting. And the women are all dressed in Prada, etc under their cloak like outer wear. I guess they compare their fancy wears at home amongst girl friends - just like in sl. Only private viewings?
Then one skip away from Dubai to Mumbai (2letters to 3letters) - where my guqin friend scholar and performer lives and I will see how he integrates Guqin music with Indian music. This would make a nice itinerary.

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