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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cher, Tina Turner, Oprah, Karim Haddad

Electronic, computer music by
Karim Haddad at Auditorium Saint Germain des Pres. Nice immersive sounds, violins, base flute, base clarinet. I am glad to have gone out and enjoyed this evening. Black shirt, black jeans, unshaved handsome musicians. Beautiful girls too. Black satin shirt and evening long gowns, all black. Audience were a mix mainly intello types. All very kind and friendly.

Personalities visible on Youtube today, the beauty, the intelligent and the kind.

A favorite of mine Oprah, she makes common sense so clear. Big heart, courageous to be, in real life.

Cher interviewed by Barbara Walters in 1987 - thats a long time ago. And I start to watch all the Youtube with Cher, one most recent one about her feelings towards her daughter being lesbian. She answers questions in such a human and honest way. She should be giving TED conferences too! hahahahah

Fashion icon and very intelligent, shes also dyslexic. And hair! I discovered thats the hair that I like, blond, black, red, frizzy, this is the avatar that anybody would love. I wonder if there is a "Cher" doll in sl. I am certain there are.

She is brave, works hard, smart and tough. And she is popular through all these years, a natural beauty. She gets 5 gold stars from me!

Tina Turner, energetic, superbe. Wonderful. Sexy at 68.

Ertha Kitt, my favorite. Also sexy - right up til the last moment. And so upright too.

These are all beautiful, intelligent women. Bravo to them!!!

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