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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Un-Birthday Cards - Unique - Hand Made, post marked from Paris - Promotional Offer

I have made some special unique handmade postcard

I have started to send Un-Birthday cards, made one for my mother, and one for Swannjie Jies mother and some for friends.

Un-birthday cards are greetings, just like Birthdays, but there are many more Un-birthdays, so its much more convenient to send an Un-birthday card.

These cards will be advertised in a new Un-Birthday Card website and direct purchase is possible via PayPal.

Promotional offer for 5 euros each.
Email:, ask for: "Un-Birthday card"

Like a telegram service, people could order any message they want, and I hand write the message, and compose a post card size collage - which will be sent off with a beautiful stamp from Paris.


There are also Promotional offer cards in Secondlife, these are 2.US$ (PayPal) or 500 linden $
email:, ask for "PostCard from sl-rl"


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