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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Model one, photo shoot, virtual class, shopping specialist

I still havent installed the Model One, becasue it seems like a lot of problems with it disappearing once you move it. Elk has lost 3 radios already but he said it works really well. But each time he has to buy another one, at 500lindens - the price of a hot air balloon!!!

Went to a virtual class, a University class in Japan, I am a special visitor. Its quite interesting to meet all the students. They were afraid to speak in English but the teacher said to me, she is really happy. Because the students told her that, they want to build a nice house to show Swann!!! Swann said she wanted to make a house to start a club and sell whiskey so they could attain the end of making 2000lindens by end of Feb. They received seed money of 1000linden from the teacher. :)

Also met Atos, a specialist in fashion she is a real shopper. She showed me this one place very interesting way to enter - through riding in a white shell car, then, ploop
dropped into a lotto number machine. While all these numbers are falling about in a snowy white landscape, she showed me a treasure chest. There is a fantastic dress inside, a gift! This whole process is magical. Not a shopping event, but a huge present of a sort. The landmark is Urasima, Clock Island 99, 109, 125
There is something special about getting a free dress in this way. Its as if its not only a dress, but some kind of new identity. Franck Mueller dress.

Then, lots of cloth changing to shoot various combination of outfits, very tiring. But finally Five got a suit together that is really her, with a blue sweater around her waist, blue skirt, paisley stocking and ice heels, and smoky blue makeup - this outfit makes the blue lipstick seem like a fashion touch and not a health issue. Very good. It is her.

Sl is much more fun when the sl merges at some point into rl. Such as the case with the University virtual class.

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