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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mystic Healer Table, WillowMoon, Tillys Grass, FoxyLady Club, Killer Queen, sl+rl concert

WillowMooon came by, she talked about people linking sl to rl, business, education, many ways, and Healers.


What type of things do Healers heal? Depression, or something more dramatic?

She rezzed a Mystic Healers table, and it look like a massage table with balls all around.

I jumped on it immediately and she had her hands moving around my head, my middle parts, etc.

Hey, I do feel taken cared of, after all this little tiny avatar is me in some way,
i decided to make this avatar and gave it a name!

Just like Madame Bovary is Flaubert... except, its much more visible.

And the animation balls, what a very good use of animation capacities!

This is truly a good use for sl, healing! Through such nice animation capacities.

I feel that WillowMoon took cared of me!

I rezzed Tillys grass, this long wild grass, thats spawned, previously seen as monster grass, now is such a windy patch of nice long grass, so happy getting lost grass...

Went strolling in Anemura, I like this area, because I always find something new each time, and the air is not stuffy here, a strange mix of Western influence. So I came across this FoxyLady Club - you have to pay 5 linden to reach a skybox for a private room - hmmm, so I went up with a hostess because I want someone whom I could ask questions... she said I am her customer then... upstairs, there is nothing unusual a very nice Ryokan type of Japanese room - no sex bed, no sex balls, just two slow dancing balls. The owner came up, she is the mythic Foxy Lady, in a black grey Fox outfit, the front is open down to her navel. Peachy white skin, a Fox head mask covers her eyes. This is a kind of special bar, you know, my hostess says. I definitely felt that company here is a service that you buy. Of course, I think, could i have done such a job, in sl? If i spoke Japanese yes, but as is, its not possible. If someone wants an English speaking hostess, yes. I would like to try it. Under any circumstances you must boost up your clients self confidence,make him feel good! :)

Then i went to the Killer Queen bar, some girls were dancing, they offered to animate my avatar, and we were all doing the Hollywood choreography, the vampy dance. It was fun. But i didnt see the strip tease, apparently its on every night.

Then off to the concert, i didnt hear anything for ten minutes, so I left. I think the players enjoy the idea of giving a concert. There were a few people the setting is open air theatre. Nice if it were in real life.

Back to the Mushroom house, I like the wild grass.


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