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Monday, 29 October 2007

Milner, Soybean, Saitot, Five, Esprite

Milner was busy with a client, but cool guy that he is, he receptioned my poster and ice cream cone, and in two seconds placed them in a neat little place. Cool guy. His shop is retro style everything, including a dance floor next door... and a girl came in a motorcycle chick. I propose my postal service to her. She said, no nobody i want to send a post card to, but i have this one guy whom i want to tell him to Fuck off. Do you do that? I said, well, if thats the way you show your love, why not? Different strokes for different folks. And I am serious, who would you other sending a postcard from Paris using a postal service to tell him to f-off, must be an ex-... or soon to be ex- but not quite want to be ex-

Soybean thinks the service very cheap for real life.

Five thinks its nice idea.

Esprite likes the dark poster.

Saitot wants to see if its going to be successful. (I just want to sell one to her!!!) :)

Now, the experiment is on its way.


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