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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Guqin, sneak-mode mushroom spa, Shoutcast

Today, I put in the long 20mn piece plus the 8mn piece, and they both played one after the other. Five said, wow, after this, no flute no Tiny Piano can compete. Hahahahah.
Well, I will make one Baby Qin to wear with me everywhere! The Tiny Piano is such a pleasure to have, why not make a Baby Qin? I made one in real life, so why not one in sl?

Suddenly I see how this might work, and to let dust settle, I took the afternoon off. Swannjie jie really wants to see this movie - so we shut everything down and went to the Bibliotheque Nationale mk2. Its a movie about a long ago forgotten time, some moment around pre-Homer time. This man grew up with a pig! And etc etc. There are some funny twists to the story. But yes, i would not have seen it if Swannjie jie hadnt insisted. But i didnt fall asleep, so it must not have been that bad. I saw that this years grand prize for Festival de Cannes is a Japanese film by a woman director. I saw a couple of her films previously. They are lyrical bitter sweet stories - and this one will be the same.

So I got home and look, will continue tomorrow. Need time to let dust settle.

I am very glad that Ikune had finished the script in time. hoooooo
Five will start a ShoutCast idea... To make a streaming broadcasting radio station, internet radio. For now I will name it Radio QinQin - mainly streaming Pale Ink and Zebrafish as these two works are non-stop non repetitive work, and would be perfect for Radio QinQin.

Other than that, suddenly i want to listen to all my vinyl disks, so i took out the turntable, and hooked up everything. Scratch scratch scratch, there are little crackling noises... The sounds of imperfection but i like it!

I broke the mushroom house beyond repair says Tilly, but i needed to remove all the redundent pieces to have more prims. As is, i can not rezz my guqin in the mushroom spa if i use the fully strung one, so that would be very inconvenient.

I will try to remove more elements still. Once i figure out how to make it transparent from the inside and invisible from the outside. We feel calm and protected, with a comfortable sense of privacy when you are inside such a "sneak-mode" house.

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