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Saturday, 27 October 2007

email versus postcard ^^

While I was trying to tell people about this tiny tiny tiny gift of a postcard from sl to rl, I am always surprised how difficult it is to tell people about a new way of seeing old technology.

Some people say, people use E-mail these days, people dont use post cards...

In business, certainly email is unbeatable ... but a hand written letter, a small picture, a beautiful stamp... a post card is a small object, on it an even smaller object - a beautiful image chosen carefully.

A hand written note is not the same as an email!
It is like a quickie fast food hamburger can never replace a bowl of handmade noodles!

No comparison! Their function are not the same.

But, its like talking to a wall - tires me after a while.

I was at a funeral yesterday - to understand how people function you must spend time with them - then you know where are their "walls". Somebody i will miss.

Funerals are not for the dead, like all gatherings, its for the living.

Taka helped me translate the ad into Japanese, it looks really good!
Five took a photo of me and made the ad... hoooo.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
They really helped me cross the bridge when I come to the river!

Hanako, Dai came over, they liked the idea and will put my poster at their shop. ^^

Salmaru invented a snoring, napping mode of sleep. Stomach moves up and down, I feel sleepy just looking at these happy napping avatars. :)

That is the charm of intelligent design in sl, humour and zest for life, even in sleep. :)

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