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Friday, 19 October 2007

Digital Guqin, the people you meet

I dont really know how to call my set up in sl. I want to set up a group, I am surprised that most members are non-Chinese. :)
What does this mean? We are all out siders looking in. Real Chinese people are interested in something else. Sl is about getting out of our usual selves.

In rl, its clear, its a research-creation center. In sl, its a microcosm of people, all kinds of people that i never think would come across in my life.

The starting point was, if people say sl has a steep learning curve - so i decided to go to NO classes. I would just go around intuitively and ask, ask ask. See how much people can stand being asked, and see how much they enjoy being asked. People need other people.

So far, yes, i did not go to any classes. And i have to convince people to help me get different tasks done, from scripting, to animation, to getting clothes, hair, helping poeple who are depressed - what is depressed poeple like? They feel that their life is not moving forward, they want to have people to listen to them, to accompany them a little, and not feel so alone. So, online this could be done.

Within this set up, actually, i hate shopping, but others loves shopping, so isnt it wonderful that one could complement another? I often thought, what could i do in return - of course you could pay people, in our world, paying cash is one of the most convenient way of reciprocating goods transferred, service rendered so on so forth. Suppose people dont really want to be paid? Since sl is like low monetary values, you can buy a nice skirt for 50linden which is like 20cents us

What do people appreciate the most in sl? Social, friendship, sharing of some nice moments, and jokes. You dont need to be physically present to enjoy a joke... and a lot of jokes on sl is situational. The setting creates such opportunities. For example, at the beginning of my sl life, i IMed a new friend from a small wine bar, hello - I said, would you like to come visit this bar? He said, yeah. I blinged him, and what happens, its a teenager who loves bat mobiles, he came into this dainty wine bar, in this monster car... of course nothing gets broken in sl, but it still makes me laugh. We cannot prepare everything ahead of time, like in rl.

Later on, some friends fall away, others get developed. But I no longer meet newbies, simply because, for some reason they just dont appear around me anymore. Which reminds me of a writer, she said - you are who you are and becasue who you are you will come across certain kinds of things - who you meet, who you come across is in a large part determined by your own character.

Is this true in sl... ? We will see.

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