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Saturday, 20 October 2007

:) Radio QinQin, WillowMoon, KotorinMoon, Five, Salmaru

WillowMoon came to visit and we checked the Radio QinQin, yes it works! And I played WuWenGuangs Plum Blossom Album, yesterday i played our 24/7 Fly me to the Moon software, I will put in different kinds of music. Radio QinQin will have more than Digital Guqin music, simply because while i am broadcasting, i enjoy a variety of music. So, dear listeners, you will be getting some Guqin music but not all the time. Sometimes when we are in a car driving for hours and hours, its nice to hear a variety of music. Now that i started to broadcast Digital Guqin music, I begin to think of listening from another angle. How to make it interesting, non stop interesting?

Kotorin will organise a video shooting project

Atos is the fashion expert, she knows where to get gals nice clothes

Five will arrange the concert details, and technical advisor, she also arranged to have the flowers housed on Five Daisies land.

Ikune is the genius scripter for the HunDun guqin instrument and global sl visionnary through his own baseball projects

Kan, Luvem, both did excellent animation for the guqin player

Saitot is all around support... always there! technical, human whatever, never fail.

Tilly designed the mushroom spa, a favorite quiet place for me.

Salmaru gave me a cute taxi today... i am so charmed by this Taxi. It came with a chauffeur. I stand in the back, like a very important person, and the chauffeur driving... hahahah... comes in 6 colors. Its a mini taxi, and has the sound put put put.

I took WillowMoon through the same Mushroom Spa Club house to Love Hotel bike tour. She was quite amused. The tour ends at the Ocean front which is always nice.

So great.

Now, I am really happy about everything starting to work.

So, for the first time since two months, i decided to sleep in!

Haahahah, very rare - but i decided i want to just sleep in, got back into bed and didnt wake up til noon... very unusual - so nice.

So good so good

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