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Monday, 22 October 2007

use of sl, Esprite Xavier, metaverse,

What is the use of sl
People are coming out with books on the topic.

1// for business purpose - virtual world, practical, cheaper visuals presentations, possible to convene people
2// for social purpose - making friends, but these friends are limited to sl arena
they dont cross over in rl - because there might be developments in rl, and when rl shakes, everything is disturbed... its too dangerous.
3// for rl money purpose, then this is like tier fee size incomes, quite a few makes enough money to be successful in sl but not enough to live in rl - they always keep their day time job. And to make the tier fee balance, they must use almost all of the free time to cultivate the sl business. Relative to their rl input-output, its economically not competitive.

Only "miracle" was the land people, people sell "land" - because there is a real good behind this, they are selling memories on the server, therefore, more players comes in.

Lots of poor artists are creators - they make fun, charming things for playing. But the ones who make money are the "memory" owners - because this is real goods

Now, in what way should we use sl - so it gets out of the puppetry play? Puppetry play includes all role playing games, including all forms of romantic adventures, sex or no sex. Often sex is involved as this part has a greater interdiction in rl, that is why you see so much sex themes in sl. Just like on the internet.

Why would people opt for sl when rl is already so rich and full detailed, and no limits? (The limit is only relative to each individuals courage or willingness to take risks.) In sl there is a limit that is inbuilt, its the sl limit. hahahahhah

What else is sl good for?

Esprite Xavier came to listen to the guqin because i had wanted to have a case to put the instrumetn in, a display case.

Then he talked about wanting to be artist of metaverse!

What a great idea, thats what sl to rl means, artist of the metaverse. From reality to virtual reality to augmented reality.

I will send him a postcard, from sl to rl... first postcard to be sent.

He makes beautiful csi weapons.

Five announced a terrible news to me today. So i received this in sl, and in rl another terrible news. A good friend of mine passed away. She was very ill.

Since a while ago, I have come to understand that people dont stay around forever
you never know who is going to go. I am not particularly sad, its just that, that is life. Things come and go. Sl loses its attractiveness and its time to go. If we have to live forever its not such a blessed thing either.

One thing I know, if sl is limited to sl, then only certain population will remain - and they will benefit from this rich mix of visuals, sights and sounds. As for the other, rl is so rich and no fuss, all ready to go, why not more or rl?

An rl person repeats what they do in sl, how else do you expect them to behave? They may behave a little better or a little worst, a little more daring, less afraid - but essentially they work with what they have. :)

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