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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

artist, tags, RFID, mobile phone, food for reception, rare books

What is an artist?

I went to see a show at an Abbaye Maubuisson... the reception was very well done. Some of the best things and efforts have been put inside. We were around 15 guests, and the whole table was luxurious. Champagne, wine, white wine, many juices, king crab on avocado hor d'oeuvres, bbq chicken mini kebabs, rare roast beef w tiny tomatos, tiny tiny sandwiches, mousse, little chocolates - the director spared no expenses in the is reception! One of the best put together I have seen, and in this beautiful airy castle like space/ an abbaye. Nobody threw themselves at the food, it was munched daintily... I had two glasses of champagne and lots of various food - I tasted EVERYTHING, hahaha. And talked to some Russians, French and Polish people. Beautiful day! I congratulated the organiser and she was beaming and said, we will do it again soon! Sure enough, the next one is on 12 October, rare book. Hmmm, I will go. Yes.

What was the show, mainly a telephone tag reading system. You take your mobile phone and take a photo of secret code taggings, and it reads a message for you. Could be a message, an image or whatever. Mobile france. The artist has a large range of work installed everywhere on the grounds of this 13century Abbaye. Very nice setting, beautiful, very well realised. So what is an artist. An artist is someone who has a range of skills, and knowledge and center of interest and he/she expresses them through an interface thats readable by the viewers, sometimes, it could be readable just for herself and that is enough. Then, what is the artist from the artist point of view? There are basically the "professional artist", and the "inner artist". Everyone, artist or non-artist have both "layers". A non-artist may accept the outer layer requirements and adapt the size of the inner layers, whereas an artist adapts the outer layer to customise to the inner layer. Who is a "real artist" and who is not an "artist"? Its not necessary to give a finite answer, each professional corp, group, social society, income tax control, everyone... can answer this according to the specific criteria.

If you think you are an artist and your opinion is sufficient then, thats fine too. If you need others to give you feedback, that is also good.
If you need more than the group around you to give feedback, that is good.
If you need the world to give you feedback, that is good.

Its all good.
Only difficult thing is that if you are an artist and you require others to give you credibility, then, its a little more heavy. :)

I just think about all this after having seen the show. Not to say what I saw was not artist work, but I review what is an artist, every now and then.

Because I realised, if you dont really feel like doing something, in art, it is useless to do it.

A friend said his travelogue (he travels a lot) doesnt seem to interest anybody, thats why he stopped writing it. Then, I think, a travelogue is first and foremost for himself, if he doesnt enjoy doing it for himself, then he should do something else. Its a better use of his time.

Why all this is related? I dont know. Or maybe i know but no need to say... hahahahaha

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