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Friday, 19 October 2007

Happiness, Radio QinQin, Fur Cape, long black hair, love hotel, Story of Oh

Since yesterday, I got this long silky black hair, hooo, am so happy. Finally, i dont have to keep on thinking do i wear the ash-blonde crocus, or the Yarrow Fire double braid, or the Plum Blossom with white ribbons... etc etc.

Black, silky long, hair - thats like my own hair... its unbeatable! I quickly bought some for Swannjie Jie too... hahaahha

Now, everybody who seen us all says, we have such beautiful hair! I dont look like a newbie at all, sophistication, rah rah rah.

Radio QinQin works! I am so happy all this is working, never i imagine i could set up a 3D website with all this music, interactivity and unlimited number of visiters! Random and invited - I am just so happy with this platform. Of course there are many limitations too... but so far, its beyond what i could have imagined 3 months ago.

Kotorin gave me a fur collar, wow, it looks very chic in the formal fancy retro look. 200 prims for this fur collar!

Now, this morning, I visited Story of Oh's place again.

I invited Five to come for a bike ride. We started from the Mushroom spa club house - which is my office and home. Saitot made it so its the anchor point of her shop... she made a special gate way that opens from my house all the way down to the water front. So i could ride up and down without any blocking. This is a touch of genius because behind the mushroom house is the flower house, then the Twin Tower castle
the flow is very beautiful.

So we rode down, passing the new open air shopping mall, down through the second, third tier land, and side ways along a fence, then into Story of Oh's sex bed shop.

Story of Oh has invented a sex shoe, all the animations are embedded in the shoe, no need for beds anymore. On top of this, she has a 9 room sex hotel, provided for free for any visitors. Inside, these 9 rooms are all special themed, like teepee, under sea world, Dungeon, etc etc. We explored these rooms, they are fathomed walls, no need for keys, just walk right in. Its fantastic these rooms are full of life and imagination. A human size bird cage, all guilded, we rode with our bikes inside
hahahah. Both girls on bikes trapped in the golden bird cage! I took lots of pictures - to get out, well, just open the bird cage door, like a normal sain person.

I love her love hotel. Its so fantasy rich, she must be a warm person with a large appetite for sense of joy. This love hotel is nothing like those morose awful places, those escort clubs... hard and mean. Story of Oh's love hotel is an adult play ground, very rich and intelligent use of sl build properties.

Such a fun visit. I am impressed by her zest.

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