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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Guqin environment, A King and his romantic wishes

Next, the avatars have clothing - could be improved but thats fine now... concert formal nice clothing -

Next, a Guqin playing environment, a club house of a sort
was going to use the Mushroom spa club as it is nice but...
cant rezz my stringed instrument for lack of prim! Cant put the thing down!

So I need a larger piece of land
One that allows me to rezz my instrument - big - also one without so much lag - as Ikune pointed out, to play smoothly, the SIM must have little lag for best effect.

Next, a Chinese garden

Next, a bamboo garden with sitting places

Next, teapot etc, cookies, drinks, little servants, little avatars, sitting stools


But what about the sl avatars? The puppet masters behind the sl scene?

What if i never get to see the masters? And I only see puppets? From one puppet to another puppet?

I met this avatar a couple of days ago at Everwind - he was dressed as a King.
He wanted to show me his dancing place, and in very short time, he asked me if had ever had sl sex.

And he said, its no fun to have two avatars controlled by himself, one to the other. Like left hand doing it to the right hand. He has pleasure doing it with another avatar.

But, he said, its more fun, if you get to know the avatar first, talk a lot first.

And then, as he was sitting in the Mushroom spa, he took off all his clothes!

I said, the "play-at-romance" in rl is not my interest, so, I dont have time to do it in sl.

Whats not attractive to you rl, would it be interesting to do in sl?

And in a few minutes, he was gone.

This reminds me of what someone said about the Flower Childs in the 60s, we are in sl somewhat like the Hippy epoque, dreams of having freedom, ideal. Multiple Loves. Exciting sex with international partners - but the people know already that sex all alone is not interesting, they also dream of having free romance.

The skin of face is modelled after himself he said, not a handsome man.

He has a rl wife and an sl wife. rl wife doesnt know about sl wife. He does not want to meet his sl wife, ever.

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