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Sunday, 7 October 2007


For some unknown reason, I feel loved today. :)
I decided to stop this sl thing today, to take a break because I was starting to get a headache from looking at the computer screen. The last time I had such a headache was when I was doing the "charrette" for my thesis.

I took out my mini bike, the one I didnt want to ride, but now, there is no other one - since someone stole my full size bike - Swannjie jie pumped up the wheels and off we went.

At the Vincennes park, there were sooooo many people, a lot of kids. Some kids fell off their bikes etc etc. They were all looking at my mini bike... hahaha. One kid said oooh, a tiny bike... in fact, this bike is quite good, I was wrong to judge it so harshly. I was prejudiced, because it was a freebie from my bank - a nice Japanese folding mini bike, very cute. In fact, its pretty good. I could ride up hills with it! I had changed the seat to my old leather bike seat from my racing bike.

Sun was out, air was good, and my heart was pumping!!! Such a short ride and already i was out of breath... I am ruining my health by sitting infront of the computer all day!!! thats very bad.

Maybe I will install a riding bike with screen, then i am exercising at the same time?

How can we do away with the screen?

I feel loved, i dont know why, but I do. This came suddenly, and I felt it somehow, something warm came over me. Everything was softer.

Then, we had a very nice dinner.
I have so much things to complete, and I dont want to rush things.
but, I feel loved, somehow.
Isnt this strange?

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