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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Strings, Inuyasha

Last step to the HunDun Guqin, putting the strings on. I tried for several hours, made the tiny 1mm diameter strings - but putting them on to look equal distanced and correct - well there must be some technical useful guides... so practice for making such things, anyway, by eye, it was very impossible!

I also am in a rush, so I had to call Inuyasha to help. He was so kind, took some time off and what a pro. Wow, the strings are perfectly aligned... i will learn to do it too but not right now. Right now, no time...

Ikune came too, he was in a rush unlike his normal self, impatient somehow. He said i must always use the same tools to cut the sound files, becasue his method of finetuning, adjusting requires the same constant tool... anyway. Good. I chopped up Chopins Waltz for a dog for him to use, as it is quick paced as per request. Hmmm

Anyway, I am glad everybody came online and i was able to move everything one step forward. I am almost at the point of fed up. All this is ... pppppfffff

But i am so excited when i saw the instrument strung up, it looks soooooo gooooood.
I will be very happy when its done.

People who have a tight rl life, use sl for relaxation, amusement, a little amourette
etc. They dont want to ruin that little bubble of peace - they wont want to cross rl + sl because once that happens, no more sl, its just plain rl... no more haven, no more special niche. :) As for the ones with no real rl, they also go to sl, there they live the impossible dream... like going to the movies. Sl cannot cross over into rl, because its an unrealisable dream.

Then there are the ones who want to use sl to spring board into a more interesting rl
sl is a step towards rl, like talking. Everytime you talk about your dreams, you are one step further to making it come true. So sl is a preliminary sketch for the bigger things to come.

You could also use sl as an alternate to rl, becasue sl has no physical presences, all are symbols, so, with words people could imagine a lot of things, fill in the blank with their favorite details - but facing reality, you simply cannot build up much of a dream - no more prince charming, belle etc. Takes a lot more work! But can people enjoy romance in sl? I thought some people do, and why not?

I am just fed up now. I am beginning to be bored of everything, rl and sl, what ever l...

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