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Thursday, 11 October 2007

InuYasha, Esp

InuYasha, true to his words, the strings are strung perfectly! A very beautiful piece of precision work. Now that is done.

I wait for the Ikune, will his script be at the top too? We must wait and see... As genius programmer, he says - I want to see hahahahah

Esp is a young girl, I think, I dont know. But I like her and has asked her to make some seiza pose cushions for my Digital Guqin club members, they are gifts. Just like the Jallie scarf that Five found for me, and the Tiny Piano that Parappa showed me at Izakaya.

Now, I must set up the rest of the show... so everyone coming in will get a mini chance at being Guqin player - through their avatar, or through the avatar that I prepared for them. They get to be BoYa Timeless, or ZiQi Timeless... BoYa and ZiQi in the story were two men. Here, somehow I feel that ZiQi cannot be a man, ZiQi must have been a woman. So, BoYa sounds like a mans name, and ZiQi, must be a woman with a name like that. Even if he were really a man, this man must be somewhat, soft, like ZiQi. Who was the player? One was a player the other a listener. When the listener died, the player destroyed his Guqin and never played again. The ancients unit of duration is a life time - or thats what they say in books. However, I do believe there are many other systems but the scribe was being nice and diplomatic, he never mentioned the details. You only have to read Dream of the Red Chambers, and you will see, why shoudl the Ancients be such a block of wood? They also kiss and sleep with whoever they want... if situation permits... men and women with many partners too. Hahhahahah.

Here in sl, no need for such hysterical drama.
Play, five minutes, 10 minutes, go home to your rl and sleep well. hahahahahah.

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