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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Bird Songs and Crickets

I liked the flower house with bird songs and cricket sounds... but, if its a non stop hooo hooo hooo, owls, repetitive, loud sounds... now that i want to hear the guqin sounds this studio suddenly became so noisy that i just want to exterminate all these electronic insects!

So, big hunt, where the hell do the sounds come from? I asked the creator - no no no you cant removed them... its built in... i dont believe this.

So Saitot came to inspect my house, we found them, under the carpet... a slew of crickets, red beetles, owls, everything you can think of, at least 12 sounds... all embedded in the pod of the flower.

So I yanked them out, shut the script up with stop sound script. Hmmm after all this, i still hear one little cricket somewhere... but where the hell is this cricket hiding?

Hmmm. Tilly should know, she made it !

She better tell me, or else, I am going to drop a huge water bomb in her grass hideout.... there arent you afraid?

Second thing - monster grass, it just grew up like so much foam that became a sea of grass... spawning from two blue thing. So we killed the blue things and grass died.

What else?

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