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Sunday, 28 October 2007

mariage, divorce, baby avatars

Someone said to me today, the computer is so poor in information, that is a terrible thing to be stuck to it day after day.

I went to see some shops, two friends, who had English lessons in sl and then sl baseball practice afterward -

I met this young avatar, he said hes 19 years old, married and will be divorced soon because his sl wife doesnt log on much for a while recently - he will divorce.

I said what does this mean, mariage in sl, what does divorce mean?
at 19 you hardly know in real life what this means, how come he thinks he wants to live this in sl?

And he wants to buy a baby avatar! But he has no money, he asked me if i had any money in sl...

Why would anyone want to waste rl time in sl when real life is so full of stimulus already?

It is very bad for people who has no resources in rl to think that they could do everything in sl, as if it is the real thing. It isnt. It is just sad.

Sl could be a testing ground before real life events take place - but i think it is a waste to live your love in sl first and not in real life.

It is such a waste.
I told him, that at 19, he should go out and enjoy learn, make some money doing little jobs - and not imagine he could make a big buck and succeed through sl. There is no such thing.

You must succeed in rl, and then carry out what you learnt in sl. Not the other way around.

Those who succeed in sl is becasue they are very strong in rl already.

Sl is just a mini world, tiny tiny tiny economies.

The wonderful things you see in sl, the beautiful outfits that takes hours to do and are sold as freebies, zero lindens - these are great gifts from already successful, talented people from rl.

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