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Monday, 8 December 2008

Siberian tiger in the cloud with Mobile Music, sl exercise w Ange Zanetti, xo olpc HK/china, U2 concert in sl

Mobile Music in the cloud at Penglai Island

Mobile Music in the cloud at Penglai Island closeup

I feel very good watching Swannjie doing exercise, and Ange so beautiful when he does the movements. When the avatars built frail, the exercise animation doesnt look so convincing. But here, just like ballet, beautiful beautiful! Also you mustnt wear too much cumbersome clothes, such as monks robe etc are no no, just like in real life. hahahahhah

xo olpc :: G1G1, give one get one programme for HK and China, deadline: 25Jan09
xo olpc :: second generation

xo olpc France, buy in France!

Invited to a U2 concert, have never been to a real sl concert before! I was given a ticket ! and while I wandered off the dance floor to see other parts of the club, this guy asked to see my ticket! So I had to wear the badge on me, see, just like rl. :)

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