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Monday, 15 December 2008

favorite thing in sl : plum blossom tree, Oracle Poems, bonsai, crab noodles ... mmmmmm

My favorite thing in sl is to experience a corresponding sensual feeling from triggering my avatar - like everybody else. When the avatar can trigger a feeling in me thats physical - this is the most magic moment in sl. Sounds like sex, right? A lot of people are in here for the sex. No, I have not tried sex in sl (nor in rl! no just joking...), but I do believe that it does feel somewhat like real passion; real sex when the players are serious about it. Thats why massage tables, healing tables work - if avatars gather to perform it together. This togetherness makes the magic work.

People have been killed over the possession of virtual weapons in real life - does it mean they cant tell whats real whats not?

At the Transmusicale 08 mixed-reality event, this girl asked exactly this question. She is afraid to fall into sl and not know reality anymore. Physical reality has thousands of details that the poor sl can never compete. It can compete only in these areas that in real life, its lacking. For example space. Everybody wants that super mansion - because in rl, who has such an estate?

Plum blossom trees are my favorite Chinese New Year Symbol.
When you see the pink flowers plou plou plou opens pops over the holidays, it lightens up the room and superbe and happy and romantic and affluence - all coming in one huge landscape filling up the room... and the personal trees are so much more warm than the corporate decorative trees... Corporate trees are giant size, formal, personal trees are smaller, dainty (it has to fit into the living room!) Reminds me of my Tamayo - also pink unending blossoms. Plants are our friends, if you cant have a huge plant, well somebody in Asia invented the Bonsai... you can carry your landscape with you anywhere - so you project yourself into a miniature person sitting under this small tree. Its the magic of Secondlife of pre-internet days. And Chinese people have a custom that you could change your name as you feel your life has some special meaning - for example - "Bamboo Hermit in the mountain" - it means, he is now free and maybe just finished his career or some other such important change.

Plum blossoms adds such a touch of warmth to anything - even to an igloo !
Five made a plum blossomed igloo with human cozy things devoid of cell phone, sensors etc. Only human things allowed. We all want to go back to a big farm and run a ranch with horses and trees. No cell phones.

I used this Plum Blossom texture for DGM because the Oracle says when everything goes away, even when winter comes, the Plum Blossom remains to be the Queen ! Now, hows that for a long lasting motor... it says in short - late bloomer.

WangXiang - very good friend - came to visit. I thought he disappeared - but he came and we talked about time, reincarnation and such. He sees reincarnation as time - what about time frame etc. I never think of reincarnation as a container - I see the content. What happened to the people, how they lived their previous lives etc, and not the mechanism of what time is, why there is the possibility of reincarnation, is it time thats playing a backward tape for us? etc. WangXiang is a specialist in virtual worlds. He has met Philip Rosedale himself! I want to give him a make over; new milk tea hair and no moustache? and... blue suede shoes... um; maybe a special Shangshi collection incorporated somehow... maybe a secret pocket for a favorite stone to carry around close to the heart - like some people do with crickets ... or, like Jia BaoYu, his piece of jade is attached to him at all the times - a gri gri. Well, in fact, WangXiang is not Asian at all. Just like Swann is not caucasian. I am writing fiction here. :)

But I did have premonition experiences - often not very sharp and distinct but often for the things i see now, have already been seen previously elsewhere. A certain sound, foot steps, a disposition of rooms; and newly met friends who sends me huge packages for christmas - yearly - because; she said, she knew me from previous lives, she has seen me over and over again! And this person is a high ranking governement official - not even Chinese, very unusual. But I did like her immediately when I met her at this informal dinner. Even now, I would like to hear her talk about this why she thinks this in more detail. Busy person, she never writes more than Merry Christmas!

I am interested in Oracle books of all kinds. How do they work and do they work?

People are mainly interested in themselves, what will happen to them, what comes next in their personal movie? If you could help people smooth over bumps in their movie, isnt this a great challenge? This doesnt mean you are better than the other, just that you can give a hand when the ride gets bumpy for the other and everyone needs others to smooth the ride at some point. hhahahah. I am so smart!

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 99 :: Fresh Crab cream noodles
Crab created by Salmaru Masala, freebie at Salmaru store

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