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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

export to real world, caos calmos, milk tea color

New milk tea hair for new milk tea Swannjie

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 94 :: rl fashion change influenced by my own avatar

Just imagine your favorite avatar is always beautiful just like in sl! I often see the sl image and rl photo side by side but they really ressemble somewhat in a superficial way. BD Haiku said, I look like my avatar. He wished I dressed like her in real life. hahahahhahaha. I will try, wait til summer. The new me is coming, influenced by advice from my friends here.

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 95 :: Seeing rl photos of sl avatars :)

I am always curious about who the people are after I meet them for a while. Some people there is no need to meet - but others, I like to know what they look like in rl. And still others, almost touching on seeing them in rl, but didnt happen... suddenly retreat! Then I know, it is for the best that sl stays in sl. However, people who passed from sl to rl - will always be treasured friends for a long time to come. :)
Cannot show you any photos here! :)
One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 96 :: Export from sl to rl

Export objects to the real world! it will take a while... I saw the ars Electronica installation by Linda Kostowski and Sascha Pohflepp. It was really fun and charming like old days when you do the cut out cardboard models. Their art project is in a bona fide sl essence - a true export of sl objects because it is exporting only the shape and skin and not what the object represents in rl. The essence of sl is shape and skin - its all on the surface. There is nothing underneath the skin, no object under the skin.

In contrast to this fun playful model making, I want to export the Mobile Digital Guqin Museum into rl with fully functioning insides.

Film viewed:
Caos calmos 3*

wonderful Italian movie, very chic and delicate in the everyday way of a mans world turning from vacation time to saving lives, to personal lost, to taking care of young daughter - every step is so natural and it links very nicely with all the various colorful parts. Nanni Moretti, great actor. First time I see a sex scene focused really on the man and not the very excellent woman. This, i think is to show he is a normal man, who also sleeps with his wifes sister - but only two times, only because she was a ravishing gal actrice whos a little pushy crazy and he was a little in love w her... very Italian - the daughter is so cute, she also wants her father to have 5 make up artists like her aunt, or she gets this super cell phone from a glossy oncle who has a youthful fashion house of jeans - named weirdo - all this justaposes flashy chic to calm everyday childrens world - and one day, the daughter says, no father. I wanted you to stay here, but the others are laughing at me, so for my birthday present... maybe ... such a luxury growing up in time when its time, no forced brutal conflicts, even the accidental death is so calm - a body lying on the ground with cantaloupe pieces ... and using this childrens public park as office! what luxury! I would like to have my office in a public park with this chic restaurant and Mario bring nice broccoli pasta when i need it... this is the life of someone who has everything and always honest, nothing under the table, no ugly underside. And that gal who sleeps with Steiner (played by Polanski, stately like some big boss - a type of ligit mafia big boss) she is very used to being filmed in sex scenes i think, a body thats very used to being used. It is surprising to see Nanni Moretti as the focus of a body making love. Everything is slightly eccentric in this film. Calmly excentric, so much style, it goes in the way of sweet water, nicely without fuss.

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