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Saturday, 20 December 2008

FlyingSoul Scribes mixed reality installation, Medieval Horses, Sengoku sculptie fish, DGM sim visits

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 86 :: Mixed reality Art Works :: FlyingSoul Scribes Installation at Grand Palais

A pretty fashionista waiting to be called for the picture taking at FlyingSoul Scribe's installation at Orange Island, Orange temple. I flew outside of the temple and see nothing just a block, but yesterday one girl showed me a space she had been, but also nothing happened there. (It was a long tunnel of light attached to a square box built like this temple.)

This is the second day that I tried to experience this mixed reality event, but nothing happens. Didnt work yesterday. Dont know what happens after this waiting room. On the display screen, it doesnt show the real Grand Palais event either. Usually media/projection/etc works something could go wrong easily, will try again today. I am curious to see how it works. This concept could have many flowering of smaller interesting works. Too bad, i didnt see anything once again.

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 87 :: Medieval Horses - a well made role playing sim

Orange Island role playing sim

Medieval Miniature Pony

Medieval Horse all decorated for tournament with wire mesh protection on the body

Templier flags in tapisserie weave - beautiful details.

tarot card reading in a Medieval tent. When you click on the deck, it flashes some cards and reads it for you.

Mobile Digital Guqin Museum visiting SIMs in Secondlife - landed at Orange Island 3, but met no one to play the guqin to. :)

I took the Mobile DGM - and rezzed it at a Medieval Place. Saw two really cute horses. And tents for tarot reading, tournaments, dress-ups. A very well made fun oriented role playing game place. How is role playing game setting different from say, professional training? They are both simulated role playing. But usually, places built for role playing game purposes are much more prettier, livelier, and you could imagine real people bustling around having fun. Whereas in professional simulations, all I see is how the person going through such a "training" must perform specific required behaviors - thats the whole point of training. To not make a mistake when interaction time is short and errors might be costly. This reminds me of a certain US company - they invested huge blocks of money to make a simulation site for Americans going to China (hahahahaha) they put chat-bots to "train" their employees! So, I say, maybe its not as silly as this, let me look see it first. The sim is accurately built more or less - however, dry and awful. Deadly, because nobody is there we only see chatbots. But, howcome, here at the Medieval role playing sim, as its also empty, howcome I feel lively fun ambiance when its also empty? Whats the difference?

Sim visited : to a simulation of a real castle at Sengoku, also empty. Found a very nice sculptie on the roof.

sculptie fish icon and its snowing periodically

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