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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Happy Birthday to CC, Tempura, Mount Saint Michel, sl swannjie in rl newspaper!

Birthday Party for CC at Digital Guqin Musuem Club House

Happy Birthday Mango chocolate cream cake for CC !! And special party chouchoter cocktails !

Happy Birthday mango cake and champagne!!!

Happy Birthday to CC !

Happy Birthday to CC !!

Cake Shop, choosing a Birthday cake for sl party for CC !!!

sl Swannjie in a real newspaper!

I went to a cake shop today - never imagined i would shop for food in sl!

All because i wanted to see if i could take a special birthday card to send to a friend for her birthday... first i thought take pictures in a nice flower place... everybody loves flowers, and this is not just a bouquet, its a whole field and field of petals and cherry blossoms...

Maybe something familiar, like a warm sunny Tim Hortens great land of the air and free space a super casual charm coffee place? Canadian content? No, flowers, flowers says it best. Flowers are the best.

Saitot kindly took me to her favorite pretty places. Tempura, and by luck, the owner, Mr. Eel, a very busy photography in rl was on site. He kindly let me rezz my plum tinyhouse on the sim and i took pics. Then, i took pics without the house on my own taking more time. Then i thought, what kind of celebration is it, if there is not the words "Happy Birthday" directly in the card?

What about a cake? So, here we are, me in a Japanese cake shop choosing chocolate or mango cream or strawberry... they all look very delicious. I got mango of course. And some small individual ones. There was a special cocktail complete with sipping sounds and animation of swizzle stick - it asks fun questions automatically. What a good idea! Isnt this what poeple do at parties? Asking questions for fun... generator of conversation and drinking round after round? And this cocktail does it for you automatically, with or without the people and the party is on. Its a do it yourself cocktail party in a glass. :)

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