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Thursday, 18 December 2008

mixed reality at Grand Palais, Paris, 17 to 31dec08

A mixed reality event at Grand Palais - show your avatar on screen! Angezanetti is the ring master. The interesting part is the guy at the computer, the one on the right, with the SONY projector, he could pull the plug on you avatars anytime!

The guy behind the projector wants to be seen - hence the poster here - and the avatar is self-driven to be seen. Will both get what they want? Why and how do they want to be seen?

Orange island - whats on the other side.

Orange island avatar display sample

casting poster at Orange island

posters on the wall

Grand Palais, set up by Le Fresnoy

mixed reality : les ames volantes in Paris, Grand Palais!
For those sl avatar who wants to show their face in real life! Here is a moment for you!

See the installation at Grand Palais, free entry!

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