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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

BD Haiku; hardcopy of my blog, somebody got a perm!

Somebody's feeling good and adventurous; she got a perm!

BD Haiku has proposed to make my blog into a hardcopy book, and he did. 600 pages, it looks really cute, and beautiful. He explained, first, I sew these pages into small sections, then I sew the sections together, then I put tarlatten ... then I put.... Hardcore book binder professional, I told him, please let me check over the text and put in more pictures because at the beginning of my blog, there were zero pics, even though I had many many snapshots. I didnt know how to upload pictures. He said, no need. A journal is a journal; it is also your process, you learn as you go along. It is true; I dont really have time to go back to fix all the typo, polish the sentences... go through the hard disk of thousand snapshots..., recrop select, make captions... all that goes into making a hardcopy book. I am totally pooooooooped.

Its snowing outside, I am so happy to look at the snow falling. Reminds me of Canada.

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