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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Making a DGM logbook, BDs book binding, Front cover, guqin players, Seemingly impossible is possible, ArtsBirthday, Philip Rosedale on Sl

Front page

Thank you to all my friends! Detail list to follow ...

I got an invitation from an unknown who runs a Guqin group in China, so I joined. Here I could read about what guqin means to contemporary twenty something players. One girl said, "felt depressed today, and played the Qin (guqin), she felt good afterwards, like a filter, it cleanses her. But not happier, just this stuffy mood is gone... " (Isnt this what culture does for us all? A minimum function. At its most powerful, it gives us a direction for listless expanses of time which are so abundant in real life. Whether you play the drums or painting, or making a super online community site? Like, like "ArtsBirthday" here by Peter Courtemanche from Vancouver - whom I have never met. But through his creation, his platform for everyone, we share his passion. Culture is a big gift to people. Look at this super talk on statistics,, importance of culture for everybody, Hans Rosling - this guy could prove what culture means through numbers! Creative, entertaining, convincing hard facts.) His main message: "The seemingly impossible is possible." While I was looking at the video, discovered a talk by Philip Rosedale on Secondlife.

...then the blogger goes on to talk about other things - like reading other peoples blog, :) a day trip to the countryside etc. The text about Qin is just one blip, maybe 1% of the entire entry of the day. Her profile pic is a hand on a guqin.

The importance of culture (content) is obvious; after you got the latest iphone, the latest twitting device, the latest online shared real time whiteboard technology etc. you immediately will switch to the next upgrade - if it is really a better version! Cultural content is much slower, always comes before the container to me. We want to relive the content, whereas we want the latest container, next!

Sometimes without the container, its impossible to hold the content. Because of our content, we look and find proper containers. It is much harder to do it with any lasting emotional flavor if you did it the other way. (Where are those nifty "interactive cd-roms" ten years ago?) That is why, Secondlife is such a super immersive 3D VW container, but once the content develops, there will be other containers, competition, alternatives... other solutions. Wonderful arrays of selections.

Here is a photo of the handpress used to bind the DGM logbook - BD's first original handmade book. BD is very excited. He does not allow me to make any comments before its finished! Not even to look at the loose proof pages... BD's got a relative - a professor (maybe someone very busy or not too busy?) - who was a master book binder in his spare time - looking at the the books he made and the equipment he had, he was definetely not a simple hobbists! he did these shelves and shelves of very impressive real leather binding with this machine. And tiny miniature jewel like address books the size of credit card for his daughter. That, is love! Now, the binding press is gifted to BD.

BD (not allowed to see yet) and book binder press (shot form a distance)

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